Ring Size

To determine your ring size, you have a few options:

  1. Professional Ring Sizing: The most accurate way to determine your ring size is by visiting a jeweler. We have specialized tools, such as ring sizers, that can accurately measure your finger and determine the appropriate ring size.

  2. Online Ring Sizing Tools: These tools allow you to measure your ring size by placing an existing ring or a ring sizer on your screen and adjusting the size until it matches. Keep in mind that the accuracy of these tools can vary, so it's always a good idea to double-check with a professional jeweler if possible. You can find one here: https://www.jewelrywise.com/tools-resources/ring-sizer.

  3. DIY Measurement: If you don't have access to professional tools or printable guides, you can use a piece of string or a strip of paper to measure your ring size. Wrap the string or paper around the base of your finger, making sure it's snug but not too tight. Mark the spot where the string or paper overlaps, and then measure the length with a ruler. Compare the measurement to a ring size chart, which you can find online, to determine your ring size.

Remember, different countries use different sizing systems (e.g., US, UK, EU), so it's important to use the appropriate conversion chart if you're ordering from an international retailer. Also, keep in mind that fingers can vary in size throughout the day due to factors like temperature and activity level, so it's a good idea to measure your finger at different times for more accuracy.